How to Use Space Cleaner (Clean & Boost) App to speed up your Android Phone or Tablet

Here’s a guide on how to use Space Cleaner (Clean & Boost) App to clean and speed up your Android phone or tablet effectively.

1. Download Space Cleaner (Clean & Boost)

Open the Google Play and search for “Space Cleaner”. Download Space Cleaner (Clean & Boost) offered by Space Dev Team for free. This app will not take up much storage from your device. It only take 4.5M, which I think is definitely one of the highlights of Space Cleaner (Clean & Boost).

2. Scan your Device and Clean Up Junk

Once enter the app, you’ll get three main features shown below a dash board. Tap the dash board to scan your device. You can also tap “Junk Files” to start and see the result. You’ll see the cache size of all of your installed apps and system. You can delete selectively or get rid all caches the suggested to be removed. Tap the brush icon on the bottom to clean them up.

3. Boost your Device

Tap “Phone Boost”, you can get a list of running apps that take up your background process. Select the apps or all suggested apps to be force closed to boost your device performance. You can stop unwanted processes, and hibernate apps to prevent them from stealing power in the background, free up RAM and cool down CPU temperature in this feature.

4. Home screen Shortcuts (Tap Boost)

You can add a shortcut icon on your Home screen. This is an easy-to-use feature, in which you can quickly close unwanted processes and keep your device from wasting battery and speed up by tapping this icon on your hone screen without opening the app.

5. Mange your App

You can manage your APP with Space Cleaner (Clear & Boost) directly. Tap” App Manager”, you can easily view apps by storage consumption or use frequency. It tells you how frequency you use an app and what’s the latest time you use that app. Select the unwanted apps you can uninstall effectively.

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